Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Betting Challenge

After Bayern Munich throwing away the Champions League last night I was finally done with betting...Until I came across the €10 to €10,000 Challenge...
The £10-£10,000 Challenge.
Start with £10 in a pot and put a 1.1 or 1/10 bet on daily. It should take 73 days to reach £10,000. No strict rules except you should use your full stake every day! Which means the £10 you started with then all accumulated winings added to the pot every day, which you then stake on the next 1/10 then the next and so on...Also you could start with £1-£1000 if you just fancy a bit of fun with a lot less risk!
If you start with £10 and just bet purely on 1/10's.. these are your winnings... 
10 wins: £25.93 
20 wins : £67.25 
30 wins : £174.00 
40 wins : £452.23 
50 wins : £1173.58 
60 wins : £3044.45 
70 wins : £7896.16 
After your final 3 bets you will have £10509.80! (Obviously quicker when throwing a few 1/6's etc in there)
Thats the basics but we are doing anything from 1/6 - 1/10, Only solid bets we are 99% sure of! Obviously nothings 100% but we'll do our best to make the most of the odds we've got!  
So I decided I've give the challenge a go, but surely with all the top leagues finished after this weekend, next season would be the best time to start this challenge. But that was until I discovered one of my accounts on ladbrokes had been credited €5.

So I've decided to take the approach of backing big favourites and splitting my betting pot between a number of bets for the beginning of the betting...

So today I've already put on 4 bets with them all coming in to date...

Bet 1

Bet 2

Bet 3

Bet 4

So I have managed to grow my starting pot from €5 up to the impressive sum of  €7.02...

Starting Bank Roll €5
Current Bank Roll €7.02
Profit/(Loss) €2.02

Long way until I get to even €100 never mind €10,000...